Search Engine Optimization or SEO

Has become a very popular term these days, but it seems that many website owners don’t understand the true meaning of this activity. There are many of them who have heard about it, but they are aware of just a few elements of this complex activity. So, it is always a good idea to spend some time learning more about SEO and even if you believe that you have knowledge, hiring a SEO expert is always helpful. SEO is constantly changing, so it is virtually impossible to know everything about it unless you are working as a professional in this field. In case you are still wondering why Search Engine Optimization is important, we will point out a few reasons.

1.SEO provides more business opportunities

One of the main goals of every SEO activity is to help your website rank higher on Google or other popular search engines. When we say higher, we mean on the first page of search engine results. There are many business owners who are not aware of the fact that just 20% of people use the 2nd page of search engine results. The percentage is even lower for the third or fourth page. In other words, if your business doesn’t appear in the first page, it is very likely that most of the people won’t find you.

2. Your competitors use SEO techniques

Even if you think that SEO is not very important, you should know that your competitors are already doing it. This means that they are getting many of the potential clients that might have used your products or services. Being present on the Internet and having good ranking in search engines should be your priority.

3. SEO boosts brand authority and trust

Another great advantage of search engine optimization is the fact that your business will get a chance to build and strengthen authority and trust.This is especially important for new businesses. Obviously, you can achieve similar effects with the help of paid ads, but these ads will cost you a small fortune. In addition, it is much better to build authority in an organic way without ads. People know that ads are paid, so if you use ads this doesn’t mean that you have their trust. They will only know that they are dealing with a business that has money to invest in ads. On the other hand, Google, Yahoo, Bing and other popular search engines have excellent reputation and they are used because they provide relevant results. If your website pops up among the first ten results then users will identify your business as a business they can trust.

4. Less expensive

Investing in SEO requires certain amount of money, but the fact is that SEO guarantees better Return of Investment (ROI). This activity is much cheaper compared to traditional types of marketing like flyers, TV ads, radio ads, newspaper ads etc. On top of that, you will get potential clients that are genuinely interested in your offer. If you are looking for SEO in Singapore then give MDSM Consulting a call today.