About a decade ago when apps started to appear on the market, the business community didn’t take them seriously. new balance France However, the mobile market started growing rapidly and the importance of apps has increased too. Modern apps are constantly changing. They are upgraded and updated all the time. It is no longer a question of whether you should have an app, but what kind of app you need. There are different types of apps on the market, but the most popular ones are native, mobile and hybrid apps. In the recent period the popularity of hybrid apps is increasing rapidly. Before we explain why hybrid apps are a better option than native apps, it is the best idea to describe the different types of apps. Native applications are installed on the mobile device and they can be activated through the application icon found on the device. So, all the apps installed via app stores like Apple Store, Google Play Store and Samsung Store are native apps. They can be used only on one platform. Mobile web apps are accessed from a browser. On the other hand, hybrid apps represent a combination of the best features of these two types of apps. Now let’s see what makes hybrid app the best option. To start with, by choosing a hybrid app you will cut the cost of development. If you choose native apps you will have to pay for the development of this app for each operating system (OS) – Android, iOS etc. However, hybrid apps are designed in a way which allows developers to use the same HTML elements on all mobile operating systems. In other words, they will save you both money and time Just like native apps (and unlike mobile web apps) hybrid apps can use all the features and options a mobile device has. The main difference is that native app users and developers need to spend a lot of time maintaining these apps. We all know that many of these apps require updates and in many cases these updates are available every week. If you choose a hybrid app you will avoid these problems. A hybrid app update is very quick and simple and you can do it whenever you want. If you are online and you are using a hybrid app, you will be able to use many different features and access content. Big But, what is even more interesting is that even when you are offline, you can still enjoy most of these features. On top of that, it is much easier to find these apps because they can be downloaded through app stores and also through websites. Finally, a hybrid app works faster on every mobile platform and the development costs less than native app or mobile web app development. So, even if you have some doubts about hybrid app, it is time to give these apps a chance because the framework is significantly improved and many experts predict bright future for this type of apps. If you are looking for mobile app development in Singapore then give MDSM Consulting a call today.