It all started about 14 years ago when the first mobile app in the world was introduced by Blackberry. Back then, people still looked at this innovation as something futuristic and most of them were not aware of the value of this discovery. However, it didn’t take much time before mobile apps have taken over the IT scene. For instance, about 12% of all the people in the world had smartphones in 2008. Today, almost 40% of the population owns a smartphone. On top of that, the predictions are that every year 200 million more people will become owners of smartphones or other mobile devices. What is interesting is that more and more people are using their mobile devices to access the Internet. This means that they perform research through apps and many of them actually expect businesses and organizations to have their own mobile app. This is only one reason why you should have a mobile app in case you run a business. In addition, we will discuss some other reasons that make mobile apps great for business owners. First and foremost, a good mobile app for your business will help you establish a link between your clients and your services or products. There is a much greater chance for mobile users to find your app then your website when they are using their devices to search for services or products. By sending notifications about promotions and deals you can keep them engaged all the time. Of course, you must learn more about these features and make sure that you are using the right marketing strategy. A mobile app created by a Android developer or iOS developer or any other professional can help you highlight your services and products. Buy Blade and Soul Gold Thanks to this specially designed application you will allow users to get access to your unique brand. You can update the app whenever you want and showcase your new products in a timely manner. Keep in mind that you won’t have to pay anything for this promotion except the initial payment for the creation of such app. While we are talking about investment and spending money on an app, we should mention that there are many business owners who avoid making a mobile app because they believe that they are expensive and not very useful. Well, these owners are far from the truth. Mobile apps today are not very expensive and you can easily create mobile apps for any or every OS without spending a fortune. On the other hand, the importance of mobile app makes the ROI (return of investment) also very high.Just think about this – in case you don’t have a mobile app, it is very likely that your rivals will create one and as we already said, modern consumers expect a mobile app from serious companies. Classic Finally, a good mobile app will help you acquire new customers and keep the existing ones loyal. With this medium you can rest assured that you are addressing a group of users that have genuine interest in your offer. If you are looking for mobile app development in Singapore then give MDSM Consulting a call today.