Social Media Management @ SGD800/mth with no contracted period.

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Social Media Management @ SGD800/mth

Social networks are one of the fastest growing industries in the world and businesses need to use them to validate their brand. MDSM can help you create a unique strategy and manage your social media presence on the web by providing multiple postings with relevant content multiple times a day across multiple social networks.

We will manage the three main platforms namely Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. We understand every business is different so our team will work with you to customize a strategy that suits your type of business and not just post random content.

At MDSM we understand that content is king, therefore using social analytics to find the best times of the day to update content on all platforms, follow influencers and more importantly unfollow and refollow users as well as removing ghost user on a weekly basis.

We do these multiple activities to keep your profile clean and up-to-date. So just sit back and watch your followers increase each month.