10 Keyword SEO Package

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO has become a very popular term these days, but it seems that many website owners don’t understand the true meaning of this activity. There are many of them who have heard about it, but they are aware of just a few elements of this complex activity. So, it is always a good idea to spend some time learning more about SEO and even if you believe that you have knowledge, hiring a SEO expert is always helpful. SEO is constantly changing, so it is virtually impossible to know everything about it unless you are working as a professional in this field.

Below is a list of the on and off site activities we will perform on a monthly basis. At the end of the month you will get a comprehensive report detailing your advance in rankings.

1. Directory submissions on high pr sites

2. Social Book marking Submissions on high pr sites

3. 1 Article of 450 words Submissions

4. 1 Article Promotion on 10 sites

5. 1 Press Release Submissions of 500 words

6. 1 Press Release Promotion on 10 sites

7. Search Engine Submission

8. 1 Blog of 300 words Submissions

9. 1 Blog Promotion on 10 sites

10. Image Submissions (Images Needed from client side.)

11. Image Promotion on 10 sites

12. Classified Ads Submission

13. Classified Ads Promotion on 10 sites

14. PDF/PPT Submission

15. PDF/PPT Promotion on 10 sites

16. 1 unique, 450 word article written

17. 1 unique, 500 word press releases written

18. 1 unique, 500 word Blog written

19. Google Local Listing/ Mapping

20. Keyword research & analysis

21. Competitor Analysis

22. Meta tags/Title & Description tag Optimization

23. Anchor Tag Optimization

24. Alt Tag Optimization

25. Robots.txt Optimization

26. Fixing Canonical Issue

27. Fixing Broken Links

28. Creating Custom soft 404 page

29. Fixing HTTP and HTTPS

30. Fixing Non-WWW and WWW urls

31. Removal of unnecessary and potentially damaging Redirects

32. Removal of Unnecessary tags

33. Create 301 Redirect

34. Update copyright year

35. Making URLs SEO friendly

36. XML site map creation and Submission in webmaster tool

37. HTML Site Map creation

38. Urllist.Txt creation and Submission for Yahoo and Bing

39. Place social media badges on website

40. Perform an online plagiarism review. Note: Google penalizes sites that have duplicate content.

41. Google Webmaster Tool setup

42. Bing / Yahoo Webmaster Tool setup

43. Google Analytics Setup

44 . ontent Optimization

45. Facebook Account setup

46. Facebook Profile Promotion

47. Twitter Profile Setup

48. Twitter Profile Promotion

49. Google+ Profile Setup

50. Google+ Profile Promotion